Technologies: Belsta, OOO (Obuv optom ot proizvoditelya), Ukraine, ALL.BIZ:  Ukraine
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Belsta, OOO (Obuv optom ot proizvoditelya)
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Technologies Belsta, OOO (Obuv optom ot proizvoditelya)

The company operates production and technique brigadnyj responsibility, all units transferred to the self-control of the quality of work. Check the basic requirements of GOST and TU 1135-88 is carried out continuous control (100%) visually, by comparison with standard sample, the controller of the TCI.

Given the serial nature of the production, the company introduced a selective quality control at all stages of production, in particular:

  • incoming inspection of raw materials;
  • operational control of molded parts (soles), blanking;
  • interdepartmental control;
  • periodic tests.

Sanitary-hygienic production control is carried out by Belgorod-Dnestrovskaya gorSJeS. Laboratory tests of raw materials and finished products is carried out by the Odessa regional. On the quality of the company liaises with wholesale consumers of products and immediately responds to all comments and suggestions.


technologies Belsta, OOO (Obuv optom ot proizvoditelya) Ukraine, ALL.BIZ: Ukraine